Wintel Bookmarks

Icky-poo ... but when ya gotta have info ... ya gotta have info!
I mean, like the platform is really intuative!
Heck!  Try installing Windows 95 from a OEM Windows 95 CD with a "clean" harddrive!  Ha!  You can't!  Ha!
...that's why I added these bookmarks.  These booksmarks will save you a weekend of fruitless effort.
P.S. After you do lots of other stuff, make sure you install Windows 95 TWICE as the first install won't be 100% good.
Oh and yes, Wintel boxes still need a floppy drive for use time to time (such as installing from a CD?!?!?)  Oop-ack!
  Installing Windows 95 from an OEM non-bootable CD on a clean harddrive.
  1. Download a Win95 "minimal" boot floppy image.
  2. Using some other Windows OS (ha! that's the problem, eh?) uncompress the floppy image onto a real floppy.
  3. Boot that floppy.
  4. Put the Windows 95 CD in the drive and enter d:/setup.exe or whatever drive letter the boot floppy says the CD-ROM is.
  5. After installing Windows 95, boot the system into Windows 95; don't change any settings and cancel out of any "hardware setup" dialogs that may pop up.  All you want is a "minimal" Windows 95 install.
  6. Ensure the Windows 95 CD is in the CD-ROM drive and run "Setup" from the Windows 95 desktop to reinstall Windows 95 a second time.
  7. That should do it!